The Dominican Republic is a country full of happy people. The island has a reputation for being welcoming, friendly and tolerant, attributes that go hand in hand with a sense of security. This is not to say that there is no crime, but compared to other underdeveloped countries, the Dominican Republic is a happy country without violence or crime.

if an emergency situation does arise, in 2014, the Dominican Republic launched a 911 emergency call system. Since its launch, the country has worked to get coverage across the nation with two call centers, one in Santo Domingo and the other in Santiago, to coordinate police, fire, and emergency medical services for metropolitan areas. While 911 can be accessed from any Dominican phone number, help can only be dispatched from Santo Domingo, San Cristobal, Santiago, Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete, Luperón, and between connecting roads. 


Investing and moving to a new country with a family can be intimidating, but the island lifestyle is perfect for raising culturally diverse, happy and healthy children. There are many education options and with a more work-life balance mentality, more time is spent growing as a family. Children are exposed to the island lifestyle and grow up with a sense of universal acceptance and cultural awareness. There are many activities that children can participate in to enhance their overall psychological, cognitive and physical development.

There are many places to visit in the Dominican Republic as a family. From parks and outdoor activities to museums, there is never a shortage of fun for the whole family. Each city and region has unique outdoor adventures as well as indoor activities for all ages.

In Santo Domingo, for example, you can spend a day in the park at the Botanical Gardens and enjoy the beautiful nature and colorful flowers. There are also movie theaters, theater and museums throughout Santo Domingo and the popular Aquarium with educational events and volunteer programs.


It can be said that there is a tradition of hospitality in the Dominican Republic and the island is known for its welcoming attitude towards foreigners. The people are generous and cheerful by nature; therefore, it is not abnormal to be greeted with a friendly smile and a hello from the locals on the street. Dominicans pride themselves on their hospitality, whether with family, friends or complete strangers, and it is the norm to make sure guests feel cared for and comfortable.

Family is at the center of life on the island, but not just the immediate family, it spans generations and bloodlines. It is common to have family friends who are considered “cousins,” and every event is celebrated in grand style with extensive guest lists. Social media is everything and the more the merrier. In the Dominican Republic, everyone is your friend and friends are treated like family.


Located in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic has an area of over 48,442 km2, which means that Puerto Rico could fit in the country five times and Jamaica four times, these are just two examples of why you should choose the Dominican Republic over other Caribbean destinations. We have more to offer!

The Dominican Republic has a wide variety of landscapes, including beaches, mountains, prehistoric caves, deserts, lakes, islands, rivers and numerous waterfalls. That’s why we believe the Dominican Republic has it all: great weather, great people and so much more to offer.


The Dominican Republic is world famous for its natural beauty. Not only does it boast golden beaches, crystal clear waters and sky-scraping palm trees, but as you move deeper into the country, it also has the largest mountain in the Caribbean, Pico Duarte, lush forests, waterfalls and ancient caves to explore, such as caves del Pomier in San Cristobal. Living in the Dominican Republic, there is adventure waiting around every corner.

In addition to having beautiful terrain, the island has a cool tropical climate that makes it the perfect year-round temperature. Due to its cool tropical climate, the Dominican Republic experiences rainy seasons, usually from April to June and September to November. The showers on the island pass relatively quickly, refreshing the plant life and keeping everything lush. The entire island is a sea of green with vibrant bursts of colorful tropical flowers and delicious fruits such as mangos, coconuts and bananas.

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